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Passion meets mobility

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About us

EUCO Rail is an independent, European provider of maintenance and repair services for all kinds of rolling stock. Originally launched as a start-up and established in October 2022, EUCO Rail is now based in Zug, Switzerland.

We have two subsidiaries in Germany, EUCO Rail Development GmbH and EUCO Rail Services GmbH. Our team has a ‘hands-on mentality’ and real service rooted in its DNA, with principles based on partnership and a flexible open-source approach.

Since we are not tied to any single train manufacturer or rail operator, we offer all customers free access to our infrastructure and services, using our innovative technology to maintain and repair rolling stock and advise rail operators on service matters and maintenance products. With two state-of-the-art depots in southern Germany, EUCO Rail has created a central hub for maintenance services in the heart of Europe.

We want to keep on growing in Europe and look forward to establishing long-term professional and trusting working relationships with private and state-owned rail operators as well as all manufacturers.


Our first-class services

  • Our expert team possesses all the essential skills needed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction: we put a high value on reliability, availability, ease of maintenance and safety. We also keep an eye on life cycle costing.
  • With our experience, wide-ranging expertise and state-of-the-art facilities in southern Germany, we offer all the essential services for maintaining your fleet.
  • We are certified according to ECM 1–4, which means that we can perform all maintenance work in line with individual customer requirements.


Our industrial expertise allows us to offer tailored rolling stock solutions

  • Thanks to our digitised systems, we can support and advise you on many key matters, such as supply chains, predictive spare parts management and cost-efficient maintenance.
  • When it comes to rail transport tendering procedures, we support you in the run-up to the submission process.
  • With our expertise and technical knowledge, we help you to plan and build depots and modernise your fleet.


Passion meets mobility – successful from the start because we are committed to mobility

  • We solve customer problems with unconventional approaches and are prepared to do things differently to the OEMs.
  • Nonetheless, we base our methods on extensive industry experience and waste no time. Flexibility, agility and decisiveness in implementation processes are particular EUCO Rail attributes.
  • Our unique business model combines independence, openness and adaptability with comprehensive knowledge, state-of-the-art technical and logistical equipment as well as digital and mobile maintenance solutions.



Here to stay

  • As an experienced start-up, we position ourselves as a flexible alternative to established providers.
  • The location of our facilities in the heart of Europe is no coincidence; as our name ‘EUropean COmpetence’ suggests, we also want to play a long-term active role on the European market.
  • As part of the mobility transition, our aim is to become part of the positive development of European rail services.
  • Our positive growth prospects are therefore a result of the advancing and politically driven liberalisation of the rail market, which is increasingly focusing on services that are independent of any single manufacturer or operator.
  • To this end, we are constantly enhancing our service skills and forming new teams of specialists with a high affinity.


These values define us

  • We trust in a corporate philosophy based on the following values: versatility, adaptability, transparency, openness, resourcefulness and a ‘can-do’ attitude that truly meets the needs of customers.
  • At the same time, we are committed to good and solid communication between operators, manufacturers and the maintenance company.
  • We are driven by the will to further optimise systems and proactively search for solutions – for smooth rail mobility that benefits passengers and the environment in equal measure.
  • All of our employees share a passion for the railway. They are fascinated by the technology and the many ways of being able to lead this more than 150-year-old form of mobility into the future – using more and more digital solutions, for example.


Join us

Become part of our strong and motivated team!

We have come to stay! Thanks to long-term maintenance contracts with our customers, we at EUCO Rail offer secure contracts for the next decade and beyond. Therefore, we are looking for more employees for our growing company who share our fascination for rail and want to be successful together with us.

Our benefits:
  • Ideal for experienced professionals and career changers: flexible training and development opportunities with top career prospects.
  • Modern equipment: Own tablets for all employees and work with state-of-the-art maintenance tools.
  • Varied tasks with room for individual creativity.
  • Permanent contract with 30 days’ holiday on a full-time basis.
We are driven by passion and our expertise to fulfill our customers’ needs.
EUCO Rail Team Karriere Betriebswerk Instandhaltung

Open to all customers and train types

  • EUCO Rail has secured several German rail operators and OEMs as customers within a very short space of time.
  • Our facilities welcome the rolling stock of all suppliers. We set no limits in this regard, serving state rail operators as well as leasing companies and private rail operators.
  • Flexibility and service are our hallmarks: whether locomotives, electric or diesel multiple units, freight cars or passenger coaches, we specialise in all types of trains. Using our innovative technology, we take a preventive approach to modernising, maintaining and upgrading rail vehicles.
Innenansicht Langweid

We are at your service here

Our central base for maintenance and service activities is the depot in Langweid am Lech, which was built in 2021 and is considered one of the most modern in Europe.

The depot is located in southern Germany, a rail hub in Europe, and is available for the maintenance of all rolling stock. This is where we undertake upgrades and conversions, perform general overhauls and plan and carry out modernisation work.

Since 2023, we have also been providing our services at the Essingen depot. The focus here is on predictive maintenance and repair, taking into account the technical condition to minimise rolling stock downtime.

The key features of the depot in Langweid am Lech:
  • Completely new building, featuring state-of-the-art materials and a high degree of energy efficiency
  • 8 tracks in 3 large halls connected to the main-line railway
  • 9,000 m² of workshop space
  • 2,000 m² of storage space
  • 1,500 m² of planned office space
  • Length of workshop hall: 190 m, width: 58 m
  • 2 raised tracks 190 m long for easy maintenance with gantries 160 m long + 30 m (outside)
  • Pit road for heavy maintenance – 160 m + 30 m (outside); 28 x 25 t lifting jacks for up to 7-coach trains – zero track
  • Pit road for heavy maintenance – 95 m; 16 x 35 t lifting jacks for up to 4 locomotives simultaneously
  • High-speed tandem lathe, incl. 120 m pit road + 30 m (outside)
  • 3 stabling tracks, 2 of which are electrified
  • 6 mobile service teams who travel up to 200 km to carry out repairs where needed


Gleise Schienen Langweid Bw
The key features of the depot in Essingen:
  • 4,500 m² workshop space, 500 m² office space and 600 m² storage space
  • Length of workshop hall: 135 m
  • Mechanical and electrical workshop
  • Lifting system for rolling stock 120 m long
  • 2 maintenance tracks, 1 stabling track
  • 1 gantry – 120 m long
  • Measuring track for wheel set measurement
  • Capacity: 90,000 maintenance hours per year


Innenansicht Betriebswerk Essingen EUCO Rail

The Management Team
Our Experience Defines Us

Launched as a start-up, built up by an experienced management team, guided to success by knowledgeable engineers: EUCO Rail may be new, but our team has acquired years of experience with manufacturers, operators and suppliers.

We possess the necessary expertise to maintain the rolling stock of any operator. Innovation, agility and experience are what make us EUCO Rail.

Jörg Ernst EUCO Rail

Joerg Ernst

President and CEO

Terence Watson EUCO Rail

Terence Watson

Executive VP Europe

Claudia Kratz EUCO Rail

Claudia Kratz


Klaus Eberhard Hock EUCO Rail

Klaus E. Hock

Managing Director Development

Andreas Stadler EUCO Rail

Andreas Stadler

Managing Director Operations & Service

Christian Schmering EUCO Rail

Christian Schmeing

Financial Offers & Operations

Tim Wolffgramm EUCO Rail

Tim Wolffgramm


Sybille Radcke

Human Resources Interim Manager